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The major problem with the digital platform worldwide is that business owners don’t understand the importance of a website. Factors like looks and functionality of your site can either break you or make you the king of your industry. Soft Radix offers you an array of Website Design Services to rule the digital market today.

Custom Website Design

The website serves as a first impression for every visitor landing on your webpage. With zeal and passion, we thrive to create the lasting impression through our Custom Website Design.

Website Redesign

A good website makes it count to enhance your business, not satisfied with your previous work. Our specialists in web designing will transform your old website and redesign with new looks, catchy features, and responsive interface.

Responsive Website Design

With only a website loading issue, you can lose to win online. Try our Responsive Website Design which will make your website run at God Speed and render well on all assorted devices and screens.

Mobile Website Design

Millennial users rely on smartphones for web surfing, is your website mobile-friendly? Our experts can help you to win this battle with effective Mobile Website Design.

Corporate Web Design

A well managed Corporate Website Design can boost the marketing strength of your business. Our web-technicians develop such sites to meet the goals of your business.

Graphic Design

Increase the looks and allow your website to visually communicate with every visitor. With our effective Graphic Designing, we make it possible to let your graphics speak than words.

Custom Web Design

A good impression of a website highly depends upon the quality of its designing. The layouts, visuals and graphics decide whether the users are impressed upon visiting or not. This makes Web Designing very crucial stage but our professionals have gained expertise in preparing customized web designs of your choice. We follow the four strategies to implement our expertise.


Strategy implies the planning of the goals and objectives of the web development project. It is the most important stage and compiles of Project Summary, Required Resources, Performance Goals and Competition Analysis.


Web Design is the next crucial stage in the process. The team focuses on selecting the required layout, color, features, themes and other important aspects of the website.


At this stage, the Web Development team picks every individual element of the site and further uses them to make it functional. It majorly includes developing the HOME page and creating the SHELL for the interior pages. The website owner specifies about the web content which we distribute in the specified areas.

SEO Service

Website testing is the final stage of the web designing. Our designers add the final touch and apply tests before deployment of the website. These tests confirm the functionality of the site to ensure it’s smooth running without any bug.

We Test Your Web Design For These Variables:-

  • Design callouts and featured products
  • Design banner/button ads
  • Email newsletter templates
  • Search Engine Optimization Audits
  • Usability Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Hosting plan analysis

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